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Ward 15

Central Committee

(to be connected to your Central Committee Member, or if you are or know someone that is a leader in a vacant Precinct, please email us.)

The Central Committee is the formal governing body of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party and is composed of members who are elected every four years at the precinct level by registered Democrats. These members represent the people of their precinct to the Central Committee and serve as a link between the party, elected officials, and the precinct’s residents. To effectively meet these roles, central committee members should engage in a variety of political and community activities to promote the Democratic Party and its candidates.

A Central Committee member has the following responsibilities:
-Attend the Leader Candidate Endorsement Screening Meetings
-Organize your Executive Committee Members to ensure high participation rates in the endorsement process for your City Ward
-Encourage consistent periodic meetings for your Local Democratic Club
-Be an informational resource and campaign liaison concerning your Ward Democratic Party campaign effort
-In conjunction with the Board of Elections, recruit Election Day Poll Workers where needed
-Support the fundraising efforts of the County Party

2022-2026 Central Committee

15-A: Jan Roller
15-C: Melanie A. Shakarian
15-D: Lauren Welch
15-E: Morgan Taggart
15-F: Alicia Kirkman
15-G: Luciana Salles
15-H: Sue Zimmerman
15-K: Grace Heffernan
15-M: Camilo Villa
15-N: Abbe DeMaio
15-O: Aaron J. Young
15-P: Adam Rosen
15-Q: Tessa Xuan
15-R: Jonathan Steirer

Ward 15

Executive Committee

Among the responsibilities of the Executive Committee are evaluating and endorsing Democratic candidates for office. However, an Executive Committee member’s greatest impact on elections is through his or her political leadership on the ground.

An Executive Committee member is expected to:
-Attend all local and county-wide endorsement meetings
-Attend all meetings required to fill Central Committee openings
-Participate in local Democratic club meetings and events
-Support only Democratic candidates endorsed by the CCDP and on all levels
-Vote in every primary and general election
-Adhere to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Party

2024 Executive Committee

15-A: Jan Roller
15-C: Melanie A. Shakarian
15-G: Luciana Salles
15-H: Sue Zimmerman
15-N: Abbe DeMaio
15-R: Jonathan Steirer

2024 Appointed
15-A: Chris Ronayne
15-C: Justin Strekal
15-H: Matthew Thomas
15-K: Jenny Spencer
15-M: Bridget Kelley
15-N: Matt Zone
15-P: Adam Rosen
15-Q: John Storey

Ward Club Officers/Leadership

Councilmember & Deputy Ward Leader: Jenny Spencer

Ward Leader & Club President: Matthew Thomas

Vice President: Bridget Kelley

Treasurer: Andrew DeFratis

Voter Registration Committee Co-chairs: Jessica Whale (Ward 15) & Alyssa Harlow Holznagel (Ward 3)

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